Women's Long Sleeve Union Suit One Piece Long Underwear
Women's Long Sleeve Union Suit One Piece Long Underwear
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Women's Long Sleeve Union Suit One Piece Long Underwear

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If You Love The Coziness Of One-Piece Long Underwear But Hate The Hassle...

When you think of the union suit you may hold an image of a red flannel one piece with a button up butt flap. Perhaps you go further with this visual and picture a Wild Wild West cowboy haphazardly running around in his union suit popping off his gun. 

Although the Union Suit is often associated with working men and cowboys this suit was originally designed for women in 1868 as an alternative to the restrictive clothing of that time period. It was marketed as "emancipation union under flannel" and worn by dress reformers who wanted to get rid of the corset and hoops.

It so comfortable that soon manufactures began making them for men. Eventually, the union suit was found commonly worn under clothing by both men and women and became so popular manufacturers could not keep up with demand.

The two piece long john replaced the beloved union suit but we miss the union suit one piece and believe it's time for a reboot. In a 1910 ad from Atheenic Mills Company, they explain why one pieces are superior. "There is no rucking up as with an undershirt, and the tightness of pant bands round the waist is avoided." We couldn't have said it better. Our Union Suit keeps your middle torso covered, even when you're stretching and bending and are super cozy. Bonus, when you slip into one you pretty much look fully dressed.

We're certain the button up drop seat needed an upgrade and that's exactly what we did. Our redo of the classic Union Suit means there are no buttons or ties to undo when you are using the loo. Our Yank-N-Go Union Suit is made from the softest bamboo fabrics that are going to seriously blow you away.

It's full body coverage in the softest fabrics and the ideal one piece for layering because you don't have to get undressed when you use the restroom. 

Our French Terry Bamboo Union Suit is a foundation piece you'll want in your wardrobe. 

Stocked. 50% bamboo charcoal 45% organic cotton 5% spandex. We chose to make it out of a sustainably produced Bamboo french terry  fabric comes with a ton of special qualities including:

Easier on sensitive skin 
Reduces Static buildup 

Superior Absorption & Deodorizing Ability 

This trait is due to the highly porous structure of the bamboo fabric. 


Far Infrared Radiation properties 

Superior Washing and Durability

Moisture Regulation

Thermal Regulation 

Antimicrobial Functions 

Made to Order in Portland, Oregon.