These times have exposed how fragile our ecosystem of artists, creatives, and makers really is. This union was established to provide better emotional, informational, technical, and financial support. Our intent is to build a more cohesive community and provide a way to give back the love and support we have received in the past. Our motto of "cooperation, not competition" speaks directly to that intent for we truly believe a rising tide should raise all boats. They say it takes a village to raise a child and we say say it takes a community for creativity to flourish.

15% of all marketplace sales are donated to

Join us in supporing Black Resilience Fund.


Who We Are 

Makers Union PDX Founders (Jubal Prevatte, Mc Lemay, Christopher Dibble


Having spent the last 6+ years building restaurants and running a working furniture/woodwork shop, I've gotten to know many people in both industries. When I saw the toll this was taking, and what others were doing to help, I knew I had to find a way to contribute; to pay back the communities who have had my back.  Finding common goals with MC and Chris, we decided this was indeed something we wanted to try and tackle together.


My Journey in helping to create Makers Union PDX was the result of realizing I was struggling to pivot my business to adjust in these quickly evolving times. Even if I did pivot, I did not have a proper outlet to direct my products to. After reaching out to fellow makers, and awesome teammates, we pulled our resources to facilitate the process for all of us.


I’ve always been a people connector, whether in life, my business, or other various projects I have, like Stockpiler. I’ve received so much help throughout my career, so I do my best to help anyone who asks. With much of my photographic work being cancelled or postponed indefinitely, I suddenly had a lot of free time on my hands. With that time, I knew I wanted to try to help those in need by selling my work and donating proceeds to mutual aid funds. Finding a common goal with MC and Jubal was such an exciting moment, because it meant that we could really pool our resources and help even more.