20 oz Glass Candle
20 oz Glass Candle
Ritual + Fancy

20 oz Glass Candle

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unique botanical designs - 100% vegan soy wax - natural fragrances - wood wicks

We hand pour our candles in small batches with 100% soy wax, wood wicks, and pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils. Each candle is topped with a one-of-a-kind pressed floral design.

Wood wick
Holds 5 oz wax
Burns 18 - 25 hrs

Luxurious signature fragrances

Ritual + Fancy fragrances are blended with essential oils as well as plant isolates, resins, distillates, and other extracts. 


We never use phthalates, lead, dyes, parabens and other nasty additives.


honey spiced head trip

Soul full and heart forward.

Spiced lemon and bergamot infused honey grounded in earthy tobacco leaves, tonka, and oud.


sandalwood rose

Opperation seduction. 

Grounding sandalwood with soft hints of rose for elegance and mystique.  


flower bomb

Flower queen.  

Luxurious gardenia and tuberose with a sweet, leafy top note and captivating floral body. 



Sweater weather.

A woodsy blend of fir, pine, cinnamon, clove, and florals with earthy undertones. 


fig + honey

Sweet sensations.

An intense and fruity fragrance with top notes of jasmine and ginger mixed into a creamy honey base.


ginger bouquet


Uplifting and spicy ginger with saffron and a hint of sparkling lemon.


green coconut 

Where's my mai tai?

Crisp green florals, bamboo, and gentle coconut rounded out with ozone.


fragrance free


Ideal for burning multiple candles at the same time, cooking, or serving dinner without conflicting fragrances.


milk + mahogany

Hangin at home and happy about it.

Creamy shea complemented with rich almond and earthy mahogany.


lemon verbena 

Clean, green and serene. 

A clean, refreshing fragrance with top notes of lime, sweet orange, and lily of the valley with a woody, amber base.



Fields of joy. 

Wild bouquet of lavender and bergamot with a hint of earthy cedar and musk bringing a little complexity to this traditionally simple floral fragrance.


apple spice 

Autumn in a glass. 

Mulled fruits, spicy cinnamon and clove, roasted apples, and love. 



Herbaceous and sophisticated.

Fresh eucalyptus, mint, and vetiver accompanied by bergamot, clove, patchouli, amber and cedar. 



Meet me at the spa. 

Intoxicating jasmine with refreshing lime and lemongrass rooted in black currant and patchouli.


rain water

Misty mountain rainy day.

Woody base notes joined by moss, lavender, and fresh rose.



Cozy indoor love time with your loved ones. 

Orange peel and ginger blended with cypress, pine, and fir with a pinch of clove.


warm sugar fig

Sweet sensations.

Cozy fig, warm honey blended with ginger, vanilla, amber, and musk.