12" Wonderscape | Ocean Vibes
12" Wonderscape | Ocean Vibes
Olander Earthworks

12" Wonderscape | Ocean Vibes

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This handmade and original sand tray offers a playful twist on the traditional desktop zen garden, a fun stress relief activity for breaktime. Bring yourself out of the digital world for a moment and into an analog space with this delightful sensory play set. Create mesmerizing wave patterns and delightful bubbles as you visualize a day at the beach. Art meets therapeutic, multi-sensory support.

Our sand spheres are made out of cast concrete, made from a design carved by Andrew Lonnquist. They're hand stained to create fun pops of color. Each sphere is pigmented by hand, so expect yours to differ ever-so-slightly in tone and application. This 12" tray is CNC routed, then goes through two layers of sanding and two layers of paint. 

Your set includes one 12" tray, 2 concrete spheres and a 16oz bag of sand (enough to fill your tray almost twice).

Your set is made to order, so please allow 5 days of studio creation time.