Fauna Flora Terra


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Each mineral & herbal blend is specially designed to boost intentional self-care practices by creating an anchor for vibrational connection with specific intentions or Elemental, Planetary & Zodiacal/Astrological energetic forces.

These can be utilized as staple altar pieces or integrated into other self-informed spiritual/meditation practices. Earth as an Elemental force is the dense, physical nature of our bodies, the firmness of the ground; it is the sense of stability. In calling upon the Earth Element for deeper connection, we are calling upon the endurance within to fully commit with patience to developing remembrance of our innate wisdom. This patience is a gift that is freely given to anyone whose heart yearns to remember. Earth is why we are here, in the physical vessel that is our body, to do our work upon her surface, in whatever form it may take at any given time along the journey.

Trust yourself; trust that where you find yourself is where you’ll find everything you need, where your evolution takes place. amber resin, dandelion root, gotu kola, hematite, black tourmaline, mugwort, honeysuckle flowers ~ the vibrational force field generated by this combination of elements, created by the Earth herself, creates a portal through which we can feel our roots growing deeper, anchoring the spirit in the physical.