Moon Dyed Pillowcase Pair
Woobie The Fibrarian

Moon Dyed Pillowcase Pair

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Sweet dreams are made of these! Why solely sleep under the moon's energy when you could rest UPON it?

Our moon dyed pillowcase pairs are dyed and sewn during the New and Full Moon by the Fibrarian, herself. 

Yardage patterns vary per dye session, meaning no two pillowcase pairs are the same.  If you have a specific wish or desire for your fabric's aesthetic, please consult the Fibrarian directly for a custom set.

Sold as a set of 2 pillowcases. Fabricated from 100% cotton yardage.  Pillowcase yardage is prewashed with hypoallergenic soap and baking soda detergent to negate shrinkage and assist in the dye setting.

While many steps are taken to ensure no color bleeding, please be sure to wash your pillowcases ALONE on their first wash.

Wash Instructions:

Machine Wash COLD with like colors (or even better, all by themselves)

Tumble Dry Low, Iron as needed.