Skip the Roses: Indoor Tabletop Kokedama/Moss Ball
Skip the Roses: Indoor Tabletop Kokedama/Moss Ball
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Skip the Roses: Indoor Tabletop Kokedama/Moss Ball

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Skip the rose this Valentine’s Day! Choose a more sustainable & unique gift for your loved one while supporting a local business! Moss Ball or Kokedama is Japanese bonsai art without a container. It is great for small spaces & easy to take care of. The plant used in this moss ball is Tradescantia Nanouk, originated in the Netherlands & it is an easy plant for beginners! Adorned by pink onyx with glass beads, which is revered as a healing stone that promotes healthy relationships & acts as a ward against various ailments & pain. What a perfect gift for your homes or your loved ones.

You can place this healing botanical art on a shallow bowl with rocks, in a bright indirect light. You submerge the ball part in a bowl of water once a week for 10-15 minutes then squeeze the ball gently to get rid of the excess water. Only water when it feels light or dry, do not over water. You can mist the moss part lightly once a week in between soaking. You can keep cutting it back & try to put cuttings in water to grow new roots. You can transfer it to a pot once you see roots coming out of the ball part. Please DO NOT plant it in your garden because it is not native to PNW & doesn’t serve our habitat. It also won’t survive the weather outside.

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