Moonstone Selenite+Copper Meditation Wand
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Moonstone Selenite+Copper Meditation Wand

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Moonstone belongs to the Feldspar group of minerals, this particular variety being well-known for its connection with the essence of the Divine Feminine. It is a powerful stone that activates the 6th, and 7th chakras, supporting the expansion of our intuitive abilities.

Metaphysical properties of Moonstone include: emotional understanding & empathy, inner peace, joy, intuition & insight, creativity, and gentle self-expression. In combination with Selenite, it balances and promotes our own connection with the Divine Feminine aspects of our Self.

• Selenite is a stone of clarity. When combined with the properties of other minerals via the conduit of copper wire, these tools have the potential to deepen one's own self-guided meditation practice with their presence. ​

• These wands are potent tools for expanding consciousness - connecting with our inner and higher selves. One can hold the tool throughout their practice, or keep it as an altar centerpiece to amplify intentions & spiritual or vibrational experiences.

Each wand is one-of-a-kind. Custom wands are available upon request.