Large Wall Shelf Art
Large Wall Shelf Art
Large Wall Shelf Art

Large Wall Shelf Art

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This cool large wall shelf art could be used for a desk, sideboard, shelves or art. Perfect for small spaces or a store fixture. Blush colored. 

Height of main circle 36"

Width of main circle 32"

Width of main circle gap 5/8"

Overall width with bottom main shelf 50"

Top little shelf depth 4.75" not including back circle, width 22 5/8"

Middle shelf depth 7" not including back circle, width 33.75"

Bottom main shelf depth 12.75" not including back circle , width 42.25 

Big enough for a laptop 

Back circle depth .75"

All shelves height .75 "

5.5" diameter tap light, batteries

27 lbs

Cannot be shipped. Local Portland area only.

Note: This item is currently on display at PDX @windowshop at The Fair-haired Dumbbell located at SE MLK BLVD. It will be unavailable to ship until after the window is de-installed. Thank you!